It all started with our love for honest and wholesome food.

Savor our pastas knowing that every bit of what you are eating is as good as a healthy home-cooked meal :)

Made with Love, just for you

Hi there! Once Upon a Thyme is a small kiosk at the basement of Square 2, just around the corner from Novena MRT station. We focus on pastas, packed in a convenient takeaway box for your enjoyment anywhere.

We want people to enjoy our pastas, so we take our pastas seriously. Here at Once Upon a Thyme, we commit courselves to serving you quality pasta that is cooked with you in mind. How so? By using natural herbs and healthy ingredients, by not using additives or artificial flavourings, by adhering to strict standards in our food, by not diluting sauces just to keep costs low.

And of course, by making sure every bowl of pasta we serve is as yummy as the last!

P.S. We're no pork, no lard, no MSG.

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